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Cham ethnic group celebrates traditional festival
  • | Vietnam Investment Review | 15:47 - 22/9/2016

Cham ethnic people in south central coast Ninh Thuan province will celebrate the Kate festival 2016 from September 29–October 1.

According to Director of Ninh Thuan’s Department of Culture, Sport and Tourism Chau Thanh Hai, the province will also hold a grapes and wine festival during the Kate festival.

There are many traditional activities held during the Kate festival such as brocade weaving and pottery making. Cham cuisine will also be served.

Local authorities will also hold a diplomatic seminar, combined with sight-seeing activities, to call for UNESCO recognition of Cham people’s towers and the Kate festival as world heritage.

For Cham people, the Kate festival is the most significant festival of the year. Visitors can take part in Brahmanism rituals and enjoy traditional music.

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