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Japan’s YKK Group Completes 2nd Phase of Environment-Friendly Housing Project in Toyama Prefecture
  • | The Daily Engineering and Construction News of Japan | 16:42 - 19/12/2016

Japanese zipper and building material maker YKK Group has been developing the 3.2ha land in Kurobe City, Toyama Prefecture into a renewable energy-introduced community, “Passive Town”. Followed by the first phase of 36 units opening in February, the company completed the 44 unit second phase in November that was designed by renowned architect Fumihiko Maki and constructed by Toda Corp.  

The passive design-integrated project, being developed by YKK’s real estate outlet, will be completed in sequent by 2025 with total 250 houses to be rented. The second phase consists of a four-story apartment building and retail complex with total floor space of 7,000m2. Taking advantage of renewable energy such as sunlight and wind, the firm created comfortable residential space using YKK AP’s window of high heat-insulating performance.

Mr. Tadahiro Yoshida, Chairman and CEO of YKK said at the press conference that the firm has looked to development of energy efficient housing with passive design since the 2011 East Japan Earthquake and its following energy supply crisis. “The project was one of the most unique orders that we have ever had,” said Mr. Maki, who designed the layout of each room having multiple openings and created interesting and varied interior. According to Mr. Yoshida, the company intends to promote the outcomes of “Kurobe Model” and explore possibilities of sustainable housing development.

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